Why You Shouldn’t Pick a Prescription Drug Plan at Random

Picking the right Part D prescription drug plan tailored to the medications you are taking is extremely important. Without doing a little research, you could accidentally choose a plan that doesn’t even cover your medications and that mistake can be costly. As a matter of fact, it almost happened to one of my newest clients. […]

3 Things to Know Before Enrolling in Medicare Advantage

Lately, I’ve run into a couple different people who have joined a Medicare Advantage plan, can’t see the doctors they want anymore and are now looking to get back to Original Medicare and purchase a Medicare Supplement. Here’s why this happens. Medicare Advantage plans are attractive. They are marketed as an all inclusive plan with […]

Hard Phone Calls and a Million Dollar Lung Transplant

As a Medicare consultant, I talk on the phone and hear different stories about different situations my client’s are in with their health and the plans that they have chosen. Some phone calls that come in are good and some phone calls are bad. Lately I’ve been reflecting on some of the best phone calls […]

5 Reasons To Use An Indpenedent Broker For Medicare

Becoming Medicare eligible can be a crazy time. The mailbox starts filling up with flashy advertisement, agents start calling your home (even if you are on the do-not-call list) and you are left confused and quite frankly annoyed with how bombarded you have been. Many people don’t know who to trust and what information is […]

Why I Joined the Family Insurance Agency

This past year I’ve joined my dad in the insurance agency he built from the ground up, Martin & Associates. When I tell people what I do, they usually respond with a confused look on their face. People don’t understand how or why I would work in such a boring industry. But, I get it. […]

10 Things to Know About Original Medicare

Original Medicare is the portion of the world of Medicare health insurance that is managed by the federal government. Remember seeing that Medicare tax on your paychecks?…well that has been helping fund Original Medicare. There are many important things to know about Medicare, but as an Independent Medicare Coach, these are the 10 most important […]